Domino's Lets Samsung Smart TV Watchers Order From Couch

Ordering a Pizza? Well now the process has made its way onto your Samsung Smart TV thanks to Domino Pizza’s and their AnyWare technology.
Apr 1, 2015

Are you thinking of having a cosy night in? Nice movie and pizza? Well now the ordering process has made its way onto your Samsung Smart TV thanks to Domino Pizza's and their AnyWare technology. You can already order by phone, web, Smart Watch and this is another way that Domino Pizza wants to differentiate itself from the competition.



“The great thing about this is we’re making it as easy as possible for people to keep enjoying whatever experience they’re experiencing, while still ordering pizza,” Dennis Maloney, vice presdient of multi-media marketing. “It’s a major step change in the ordering experience if you don’t have to change anything else.”

We look forward to seeing this on a Tizen TV 🙂 The feature will also come to existing Samsung Smart TVs that are the 2013 model or newer and customers will require an Online DP account and have made a recent purchase.

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