EditReady Application now supports the Samsung NX1 / H.265 codec for Transcoding / Converting

The EditReady Application has been updated to 1.2.1, and it brings with it H.265 codec transcoding / converting support for the Samsung NX1 Smart Camera.
Apr 1, 2015

EditReady is a Popular pro transcoding software that lets you quickly transcode any MXF, MTS (AVCHD), M2T (HDV), or QuickTime file to an edit-ready format like Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD, and the good news is that it now supports the H.265 codec, which is the same as the one used by Samsung NX1.

Whilst we wait for larger video editing applications like Final Cut Pro and Premier to bring on-board H.265 support, transcoding your video clips is the only option available and so far EditReady seems to be a good option with regards to speed as it uses Intel’s QuickSync Video technology to transcode ProRes, so it’s reported to be a lot faster than most of the competition. EditReady 1.2.1 for the Mac is now available.

What’s new in V1.2.1?

  • Support for Samsung NX-1 H.265 codec
  • Better support for AVCHD timecode
  • Improved stability when working with AVCHD on Mac OS X 10.8
  • Support for DVCPro50
  • Support for AVCIntra50
  • Better support for GoPro Hero4 timecode
  • Fixes an issue with AAC audio tracks that misreport their channel count (some YouTube files
  • Fixes audio track mapping for MXF sources
  • Ensures audio and video tracks match in length in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Enhanced command line interface
  • Better support for working with large numbers (many hundreds) of AVCHD files
  • Fixes an audio issue with some Canon 5D files


You can download the trial version from here. Have you used this App? Let us know about you experience in the comments below.

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