[Firmware] Samsung Z1 Software Update Z130HDDU0BOD8 Available via OTA to ALL International Z1 Smartphones

Latest software / firmware update for the Tizen Samsung Z1 is now available to all International Z1 Smartphones, meaning you can update them as you wish
Apr 29, 2015

Update: The term International Z1 (at this time) refers to Samsung Z1 devices that were originally sold / targeted for the India and Bangladesh markets, but are being used Internationally including other countries. This does not mean their is any different hardware than what is currently offered.

Following the news this morning that the Tizen Store has been expanded its service coverage to cover 182 countries, a firmware update that is 16.1Mb and version Z130HDDU0BOD8 is available via an Over the Air (OTA) update. The fantastic news is that even if your Samsung Z1 is not located in India or Bangladesh (locations where the Z1 has been officially released) you will still be able to get the software / firmware update for your Smartphone. This was not previously possible.

Samsung-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-Firmware-Update-1 Samsung-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-Firmware-Update-2


I've been able to access the Tizen Store from the UK with a Samsung Z1, and when you try purchasing an app, you get the message "Payment is not supported in this country", meaning you can look at all the apps, you just can't touch the paid ones. This is part of the Global Tizen Store rollout of FREE APPS.

Samsung-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-Tizen-Store-1 Samsung-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-Tizen-Store-2


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One comment on “[Firmware] Samsung Z1 Software Update Z130HDDU0BOD8 Available via OTA to ALL International Z1 Smartphones”

  1. @Ash:

    Expansion of Tizen Store Service Coverage to 182 countriesNow Tizen Store is available in 182 countries.
    Newly added 180 countries are only availble for free apps.
    Please refer the application registration page for the detailed country list.


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