Get the Tizen Operating System on your Raspberry PI 2 #TizenIoT

Tizen is already running on several development boards and now is the turn of the Raspberry PI 2, which is a well known ARM Cortex-A7 Dev board.
Apr 20, 2015

There has been some great work done with getting Tizen running on different development boards, and today I am pleased to see that its the time for the Raspberry PI 2 Dev Board to get some Tizen love courtesy of the Samsung Open Source group. Tizen is an Important Operating System (OS) within Internet of Things (IoT) and therefore it made sense for Tizen to come to the Raspberry Pi, which is the most popular single-board computer with more than 5 million sold.
The Raspberry Pi 2 has some distinct advantages over the original Raspberry PI device:

  • It has a quad-core CPU
  • It runs at 900 MHz
  • It uses an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU


The full article can be found here and will show you how to build and flash a Tizen OS on to the Raspberry PI 2.

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