Photon: The Fast & Light Windows Video Processor that supports Samsung NX1 H.265 codec

Photon is a fast and light Windows transcoding / converting software that supports the Samsung NX1 4K H.265 codec into 1080p ProRes 444 and others.
Apr 9, 2015

Samsung are keeping things at the cutting edge with their NX1 Smart Camera and have it using the latest H.265 compression codec. The advantage is that using this technology is that the camera is able to compress and store high quality 4K video to a minimum file size. This is good news, but it does have a problem that not many video editing or conversion apps currently support H.265.

Previously we mentioned EditReady, which is a Apple Mac Transcoding / converting software. Now we have come across another piece of software for our windows readers called Photon, which offers FAST transcoding of Samsung NX1 4K H.265 into 4K or 1080p ProRes 444 and 422 10-bit, XAVC 422 10-bit.


  • Rapidly rewrap Sony A7S MP4 and FS700 MTS files into MOV containers without transcoding for use with Resolve 11 with audio
  • Fast transcoding of Samsung NX1 4K H.265 into 4K or 1080p ProRes 444 and 422 10-bit, XAVC 422 10-bit, or H.264 420 8-bit: Over 21fps 4K and 46fps 1080p transcoding speed is possible on a 2010 12-Core MacPro
  • Fast transcoding of Panasonic GH4 4K H.264 into 4K or 1080p ProRes 444 and 422 10-bit, XAVC 422 10-bit, or H.264 420 8-bit
  • H.264 IPB and ALL-I output support
  • Multiple ProRes options including LT, Normal, HQ, 444 and adjustable speed/quality using the FFMPEG QScale setting
  • Experimental 422 10-bit H.264 (XAVC)
  • Experimental H.265 output useful in testing the new H.265 HEVC format
  • Lanczos scaler for very high-quality 4K 8-bit 420 to 1080p ’10-bit luma’ 444 transcodes. NX1 4K H.265 420 looks excellent transcoded to 422 or 444 10-bit 1080p
  • Real-time CPU and memory load optimization to maximize multicore performance
  • Real-time performance stats including ETA (time to finish), processing Rate in MB/s, and processing FPS: helping you to optimize time and quality settings
  • Simple and easy to use UI with at-a-glance settings
  • Taskbar progress display is available in Windows 7 or later: handy for monitoring progress while processing video in the background
  • Runs on Windows XP or later



  1. Download and unzip Photon and move to your desired location, e.g. the Windows Desktop
  2. If you will be doing lots of conversions, creating a shortcut on the Windows Taskbar is helpful
  3. Download FFMPEG for Windows. Any recent version should work. 32 and 64-bit versions are available here (a static build is fine):
  4. Extract ffmpeg.exe from the download, create a new directory: C:\Program Files\ffmpeg , then copy ffmpeg.exe to C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe
  5. If 422 10-bit H.264 output is desired, download or build ffmpeg for 10-bit support
    1. Instructions for building 10-bit FFMPEG
    2. Install the 10-bit ffmpeg version here as ffmpegH.exe: C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\ffmpegH.exe
    3. If a compiled 10-bit version of FFMPEG is found online, please let us know


You can find further Information and application download at the Photon site.

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