[Rumour] Samsung have "rewritten" the NX1 Smart Camera firmware code

Samsung Electronics have been releasing firmware / software updates for the NX1 mirrorless compact systems camera at a fierce pace, but there is a delay now
Apr 28, 2015

Samsung Electronics have been at the top of their game in releasing firmware / software updates for the Samsung NX1 Mirrorless Compact System Camera (CSC). In fact we have been spoilt a bit now with their frequency of releases and have been waiting for the much awaited firmware version 1.23 to be released.

It is rumoured that there has been a delay to its release and the reason bring that Samsung has "rewritten" the NX1 Tizen code. We don't know how deep / drastic this code change is, but NX1 camera enthusiasts are hoping that is brings more professional features to an already great shooter.

Keep tuned for more on this story. @TizenExperts


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