Samsung 2015 Tizen TV range now available at Curry's in the UK

Currys electronics UK are now stocking / on sale Samsung's 2015 range of Tizen TVs. UE65JS9000 and UE55JS9000 in stock online and in Wednesbury branch.
Apr 9, 2015


Tizen TV

Currys electronics, a UK online and In-store retailer has now got the Tizen based Samsung 2015 TV range In stock and available to buy right now!!! It seems it is only the larger branches that currently have some stock of the UE65JS9000 65" at £3,999 and UE55JS9000 55" at £3,099.

We couldn't see a Sony PlayStation Now service or any Unity Games listed at the moment, but the TV firmware is getting rapid updates, much like the Samsung NX1 Camera and the Samsung Z1, and would expect more apps and features soon. Whilst we were at the store there was a firmware update for the JS9000 55" from version 1021 to version 1023, not a huge jump, but every little helps.




Current prices

Model Number Screen Size Price
JS9000 55" £3,099.00
JS9000 48" £2,599.00
JS9000 65" £3,999.00
JS9500 78" £9,999.00
JS9500 65" £5,999.00
JU6400 40" £899.00
JU6400 48" £1,049.00
JU6400 55" £1,499.00
JU6400 65" £2,449.00
JU6445 40" £949.00
JU6445 48" £1,099.00
JU7000 65" £2,749.00
JU7000 55" £1,849.00
JU7000 40" £1,249.00
JU7000 48" £1,399.00
JU7000 48" £1,399.00
JU7500 55" £2,099.00
JU7500 48" £1,649.00
JU7500 65" £2,999.00
JU7500 78" £5,499.00



You can get hands on with the JS9000 65" and 55" models at Curry's Junction 9 Wednesbury branch.

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