Samsung applies for Smartwatch Wheel UX and Wheel W trademarks

Samsung are developing the GEAR A smartwatch with a rotary bezel ring and a digital crown for the user experience and have trademarked Wheel UX and GEAR W.
Apr 23, 2015

Samsung's current range of Tizen Smartwatches are the Gear / Neo / Gear 2 and Gear S, but as we have previously reported, the company is looking towards something new now in the form of a round watch. The new device is Dubbed the Gear A, and we know that Samsung is serious about it judging from the amount of development time that has been spent on it.


The watch has a circular design with a rotary bezel ring and a digital crown for the user experience and now Samsung has applied for the trademark Wheel UX at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which suggests that there will be more round watches on the horizon as they have also trademarked the name Gear W.

You can check out the trademark application here.

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One comment on “Samsung applies for Smartwatch Wheel UX and Wheel W trademarks”

  1. Ash does a great job of keeping us informed on everything Tizen. Samsung and the Open Source Tizen developer family deserves a round of applause to go with the fact that the idea of the Round Iconography probably influenced Samsung away from Diamond Designs for Gear Smartwatch faces! 😀

    But.... Open Source community never gets their due credit, where credit is due. Remember diamonds were the shape associated with Bada OS and Samsung line of phones. Not that it wasn't successful. Because it certainly was and for the time is was available, they even beat out Windows Phones as #3 Mobile OS behind Android and iOS. A feat Tizen will most likely claim again!!! .......even ahead of Ubuntu, Firefox, etc and once again move ahead of Windoz 10 phones!!!! ;p


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