Samsung to team up with artists and fashion brands for its round smartwatch

Samsung are getting their Samsung Smartwatch, codenamed Gear A / Orbis, ready with Artists to promote and fashion brands to create custom watch straps.
Apr 30, 2015

Smartwatches are being taken seriously this year with even more manufactures showing off their offerings at Mobile World Congress. Samsung are also serious, stepping up their game as well, with the Introduction of a new Gear SDK for developers for their upcoming circular display Smartwatch, codenamed Orbis. There will be two variants, one with 3G that you can make voice calls with, and the other without, but both devices should have bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Samsung have spend a huge amount of R&D on this device already, as they aim at making an outstanding device in terms of technical ability and gorgeous looks. Like the Gear S smartwatch before it, the Orbis or Gear A, will work with fashion brands like Z Zegna, Swarovski, Tech21, Anymode and Incipio in creating custom watch bands for it. Also the pop artist Romero Britto is believed to be involved with this project as well.


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