Samsung working on a "Special Edition" NX1-LX Smart Camera ?

Is Samsung working on a Special Edition NX1 Smart Camera that offers 60fps at 4K at a lower megapixel ? Check out the rumoured specs. NX-LX Tizen
Apr 1, 2015

There are some rumours going around with regards to a "special" NX1 edition called the NX-LX. Apparently Samsung is currently testing a new Smart Camera which is similar to the current NX1 but has a lower megapixel sensor and a few other differences. Check out the following specs:

  • 10% lighter body compared to NX1
  • 60fps at 4k
  • Swivel display
  • 1.5 stop better dr and high iso compared to nx1


We know from experience that just because Samsung is developing a product, it does not mean it will come to market, but we wanted to hear your thoughts about it?

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