Samsung’s round smartwatch to be called Gear A, Integrated 3G data and voice calling

Samsung's next premium round-face smart watch is code named Orbis, but will be released as the Gear A, running Tizen, and will support 3G data and calling.
Apr 13, 2015

Samsung is said to be devoting a lot of time to their next Smart watch, and that can only be a good thing right? The Smart watch wars are definitely upon us, but with so many manufacturers going for Android wear I feel glad that Samsung are keeping to Tizen, as this is a great solution to implement any customisation that they want and leverage the strengths of Tizen, unlike poor old Android wear that sees no changes in the User Interface or experience from one manufacturers offering to another.

The word on the street (from Sammobile and another source), is that the next Samsung smart watch is going to be a premium looking round-face Orbis that will be launched as the Gear A. There will be two variants, one with Bluetooth connectivity, and one with 3G data and calling support (both variants should support Wi-Fi). There will be two main model numbers SM-R720 and SM-R730. It looks like the SM-R730 model is the 3G enabled variant and will be retailing through carriers.

Full list of model numbers.

  • SM-R720
  • SM-R730
  • SM-R730A (AT&T)
  • SM-R730P (Sprint)
  • SM-R730V (Verizon)
  • SM-R730T (T-Mobile)
  • SM-R730S
  • SM-R732S (SKT)
  • SM-R732K (KT)
  • SM-R732L (LG U+)


There is no confirmation about release date, but with the iWatch (hehe) releasing soon we don't know if Samsung want a head to head war with the Apple boys or not.

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One comment on “Samsung’s round smartwatch to be called Gear A, Integrated 3G data and voice calling”

  1. Forget a CrApple Watch, the Gear S still hold the crown and this will be way better. Samsung is BOSS bottom line, Apple is playing catch up as well as Android Wear. I'm glad their using Tizen as well. #Worksforme


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