[Video] Samsung Gear S Watch Face: Geoscope

Geoscope is the latest addition to the Belvek Gear O’Clock watch face series, which is a carefully crafted watch face for your Tizen Samsung Gear S.
Apr 25, 2015

The guys over at Belvek have released another addition to their Gear O'Clock watch face series, this one called Geoscope, which is a carefully crafted watch face for your Gear S. It promises to have smooth animations and there is also the inclusion of a a crazy prank as a bonus for you. As well as the lovely looks you also get indicators for altitude, atmospheric pressure, and compass.


  • Time and Date display.
  • Two compasses.
  • Altitude and Atmospheric pressure
  • Battery and Used space indicator
  • "PRANK" mode - Want to play prank about the time? Tap five times on the screen. Tap again five times to stop it.




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