[Video] Samsung, Learn just how massive this massive company is

Samsung is one of the tech power houses behind the Tizen Operating System and has several Tizen products in the market place. Check the video to see how large this massive company actually is.
Apr 27, 2015

We all know Samsung is a large company. They seem to do every electronic gadget known to mankind. Even if its not labelled Samsung on the outside, it might has something made by Samsung on the inside. Have you ever sat down and had a good hard think about just how large this large company actually is?

Below is an Interesting video that tells the tale of Samsungs beginnings and also some amazing facts about its achievements; like them building the world's tallest building? or having over 430,000 employees, which happens to be more than Apple, Google, and Microsoft totals combined? Oh did I forget that they also has a military department.

Samsung is also a special company for us, they are one of the tech power houses behind the Tizen Operating System and are the ones that are leading the path with Tizen products. We have Smart Cameras, a Smart Phone and Smart watches, and with lots more being developed in the world of IoT. Check out the video, if anyone can rise up to a challenge, it certainly is Samsung.



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