[Application] eQuran SE for the Samsung Z1 Tizen Smart Phone

Read the noble Quran on your Samsung Z1 Tizen device anywhere and anytime with English, German & French Translations and Arabic Tafseer #Islam #Religion
May 6, 2015

Some of our readers have been asking if there is a Mobile Quran application for the Samsung Z1? Well, there is and its called eQuran SE and it will allow you to Read the noble Quran on your Tizen device anywhere and anytime.

There are some good features that you can do with this app, like the way you can bookmark pages for future reference and also it has handy controls for adjusting the screen brightness. It also has translations in English, Deutsch, Francais and Arabic Tafseer. This is a special version of the Quran is used widely in east asian countries.

eQuran Special Edition main features

  • Different writing version of the eQuran (Different handwritten style and bigger font)
  • English, German and French Translations
  • Search in Quran in Arabic only
  • Arabic Tafseer
  • Arabic and English user interface
  • Arabic and English user interface
  • Reading in portrait and landscape mode
  • Fast navigation using slider [surahs, parts, pages]
  • Multiple bookmarks
  • Night mode makes pages bit darker for reading
  • Sweep left or right to navigate pages





eQuran is available to download from the Tizen Store immediately.

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