[Application] Telegram Native messaging App coming soon for the Samsung Z1

The open sourced messaging app Telegram is being ported to the Tizen based Samsung Z1. This is great news for users that want an encrypted open solution
May 27, 2015

The Samsung Z1 Smartphone was released with the main messaging app available being WhatsApp, that ran as a Android app using Open Mobile’s ACL solution. Sadly, after that there has been a drought of other messaging clients. There are rumours of some messaging apps being developed for Tizen but nothing has panned out so far. One bit of confirmed news is that the Open Source Telegram messaging client is being ported to Tizen by a group of developers. We are hoping that the client is going to be Open Source, which will enable other Tizen developers to contribute to its development and also create spin-off Telegram Tizen apps.


Telegram is an Interesting app for Tizen, as it uses a custom heavily encrypted protocol for speed / security and is a cloud based solution. Tizen is a linux based Open Source OS that is available to manufacturers to implement on their new devices without being closed or potentially being open to corporate or security organisation back-doors. This makes it a good fit for Telegram, as the Telegram's platform, source code, protocol and API information is available for inspection. Feeling intrigued? check out the technical details for yourself.

Messages sync across all devices that you are logged into and you have the ability to send files of various types (doc, zip, mp3, etc) of any size (well up-to 1.5Gb). Telegram already has mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Firefox OS and well as desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To finish off the offering we also have a web app and a chrome app. Webogram is an Open Sourced Telegram web client. As for security, there is a Telegram Cracking Contest that has on offer $100,000 to the first person that can crack the code.

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