Black, Pink, Teal and Tangerine Watch straps appear on eBay for Samsung Gear S

Replacement Band for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smart Watch. You get 4 different colors (Black, Pink, Teal and Tangerine) and all for $60 USD. Review soon.
May 5, 2015

Now for something a little different. Browsing the net I came across this listing of a replacement Band for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smart Watch. We have previously reviewed the Cobalt Blue Watch strap, but here was have 4 colors and all for $60 USD.

Note: This is a non-oem product and we have not had a chance to review this product, but the seller does not have much negative feedback, which is always encouraging.

Package Contents and Condition

  • Brand New Unit
  • 1pc Black 1pc Pink 1pc Teal 1pc Tangerine Replacement Bands
  • (as pictured - Bands Only!!!)


Check out the listing on

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