[Game] Speed Truck for the Samsung Z1 Smart Phone

Speed Truck was the third most downloaded game from the Tizen Store during April 2015. Now available to download and for you to have a play.
May 28, 2015

The Speed Truck was the third most downloaded game from the Tizen store during April 2015. The file size is only 0.65MB which takes not take up too much space, version 1.2.0. You can drive your BigFoot truck across the desert and compete against other truck racers whilst keeping an eye on your trucks health and the time limit. There will be power ups along the way to help you to enhance your speed against other players.

The game is now available to download for the Samsung Z1.


Game-Speed-Truck-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-1 Game-Speed-Truck-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-2
Game-Speed-Truck-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-3 Game-Speed-Truck-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-4


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