[Rumour] Samsung’s Next Generation round Gear Smartwatch to be Launched at IFA 2015

The rumour is that Samsung will be now be releasing the next Gear Smartwatch, , codenamed Orbis, at IFA 2015 in Germany, alongside the Galaxy Note 5.
May 8, 2015

There has been much talk of late about the next Samsung Gear Smartwatch, the Gear A, and rest assured there will be lots of news coming in the coming weeks / months. Samsung's first Smartwatch will feature a round clock face with an innovative rotating bezel ring for its user interface and will be developed to be as "perfect as possible."

According to insiders talking to sammobile the Gear A (codenamed Orbis), will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 5 at IFA 2015, later this year in Germany. Lots of activity is currently taking place within Samsung at the moment as the Next Generation Gear SDK will be released next week, giving developers the opportunity to create new Gear A applications or create Gear A versions of their existing Tizen apps.


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