Samsung Electronics is reportedly working on a new mobile cloud service called Samsung Artik, which is a Internet of Things (IoT) based cloud platform that would connect different devices made by the company. According to a trademark application that was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 27, Samsung applied for a cloud service called Samsung Artik (serial no. 86610549). The description for the service was for a “cloud computing system to connect, manage, and operate devices, in addition to M2M communication.”

An industry source close to the matter remarked, “Currently, Samsung is using at least three data centers of Amazon Web Services in London, Singapore, and Japan.” The source added, “The company apparently intends to enlarge data centers by negotiating with Microsoft and Oracle. Samsung’s move is closely related to its ongoing mobile cloud business.”

The service could be used by Samsung to expand it offerings to consumers for an IoT system that would be aimed at smart electronics, cars, and other consumer products to communicate with each other, in addition to mobile devices. The company has already stated that it sees Tizen as an important part of its IoT strategy and new Tizen Smart things devices are in development.