Samsung patents new dual-OS notebook? Will it run Tizen?

Samsung has applied for a patent for a dual-os notebook that can dock a phablet. Will it run Tizen as we have seen previously running on an Intel Ivy Bridge
May 26, 2015

According to a patent application at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Samsung has applied for a patent for what is seen as a "next-generation" dual-OS notebook, which also has a
phablet dock.

The dual-OS notebook, with the ever important phablet dock, will allow a phablet like the companies Samsung Note series to be docked inside the notebook. Once the device is docked, it could then sense that it has a keyboard and touch-pad are connected and allow a secondary Operating System (OS), something like Windows to be launched and it would make sense that it has potentially has the feature to be able to swap between both.


This new device would actually be using the CPU, Memory and Storage etc from the docket phablet and could therefore be very light and portable, even with a larger battery that will be able to give you all day battery for the larger screen.


We can see from figure 300c above that there is an Internet Explorer browser icon on the desktop, clearly pointing to the fact that Windows is an candidate OS for the device once docked. Now let's get to the Interesting bit that the Patent mentions: "Herein, the first operating system may be Android, and the second operating system may be Windows." It further expands on this that the "other operating systems may also be applied," which makes us think that the notebook Tizen OS could be on the cards.



Tizen Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook at the Tizen Developer Conference 2013


Tizen is no stranger to the Ultrabook platform as we have previously seen it running on a Intel powered i7 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook at the Tizen Developer Conference 2013 in San Francisco. At that time the OS was reported based on Tizen 3.0 gnome 3. The homescreen is actually called a Tizen Shell which is an extension of the gnome shell which is part of the gnome 3 stack. This project was discontinued by Intel, but it will be Interesting to see if Samsung can revive it, or another variant of it. Below is a video to see it in action.


Samsung filed their U.S. patent application for the dual-OS notebook in Q3 2014, so it is unknown when we will potentially see this product on the market.

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