Samsung release Next Generation Tizen Gear SDK to Developers

Samsung have today released their wearable Tizen SDK 2.3.1 RC7 for their next generation gear smartwatch devices. Developers can sign up and get downloading
May 12, 2015

Samsung have today released their new Tizen SDK to developers that have previously signed up for their Samsung Gear Early Access SDK. The new Tizen SDK will help developers to build “richer and differentiated apps for the next generation Gear device”. The current release is Tizen SDK 2.3.1 RC7, with downloads available for Mac OSX-64bits / Ubuntu-32bit / Ubuntu-64bits / Windows-32bits and Windows-64bits.


The wearable profile provides a complete implementation of the Web API optimized for wearable devices. It includes WebKit, a layout engine designed to enable Web browsers to render Web pages. It also provides a runtime for Web applications. The Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive set of tools for developing Web applications for Tizen. The SDK contains an install manager, IDE, tools, documents, samples, and platform images for a wearable profile.


A fairly comprehensive set of documentation is available that includes a certificate guide, gear UI design guidelines, Sample apps, Install guide and others. The documentation does confirm a rotating bezel as an option on the Next Gear devices as part of the user interface for page navigation and device control. Users will now not be required to keep repeatedly swiping on the screen to get to the pages, or tapping multiple times to adjust setting values, instead they can rotate the outer bezel until they get the desired result.


If you haven’t already signed up for early access, then head on over to the Samsung Gear SDK Early Access page.

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3 comments on “Samsung release Next Generation Tizen Gear SDK to Developers”

  1. I find it interesting that nobody from the Apple side of the market, wants to even have Tizen or Samsung mentioned. So the way they have of excluding them is to classify Tizen as an OS for smartphone watches. Since it has stand alone phone features, 3G data, it's own maps w/ GPS (instead of piggy backed on phone OS, which will always be laggy).

    Plus the biggest reason is they have to run an emulator for their HTML 5 Web Widgets. Lag City and it's so apparent on their pretty little butterflies and Mickey Mouse Animation Widgets! hahaha... Whereas Tizen.... since it's OS base application layer is based on Web Widgets is already for the FUTURE..... NOW!!! fact browser benchmarking on HTML 5 Content in Tizen KILLS.... both iOS and Android and just wait till it dawns on the rest of the World that Tizen is already living in the FUTURE of the Open Web and W3C STANDARDS..... NOW TOO!!! 😀

    So glad Samsung was smart enough to go back and make sure Gear A (Orbis) would be perfect and I just really hope they've also decided to allow it to run cross platform, able to sync with competitor's smartphones and tablets too!!!

  2. Tizen is a Cross Platform OS..... it's not even owned by Samsung. It's being run and supported and promoted by the Linux Foundation. Whereas both iOS and Android Wear are total proprietary OS's that can't be used unless you have either Google or Apple's permission!

    It's not obvious now.... but it will be soon. How Tizen is it's own thing like Ubuntu on Pebble and smartphones. But without Intel and Samsung's name behind it, it wouldn't get noticed. It is actually spent more time in Open Source Development than any other mobile or wearable OS today!

    They've passed the first test with flying colors. When Tizen OS has become the fastest growing mobile OS since their own Bada OS taking 3rd place behind just iOS and Android, ahead of WP8 in less than two years. Now Tizen is growing so fast in India, etc.... that they are saying that it will even be more successful than Bada OS. It's already made for Free Open Cross Platform use, using the only Completely Open Standards of any OS out. It's the OS of Everything..... in the making!!!


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