[Developer] Pictures - Tizen DevLab in Bangalore / Mumbai India 2015

Tizen DevLab came to Bangalore and Mumbai in India during May 2015. Native / HTML5 developers learnt about coding / creating and & apps to Linux based Tizen
Jun 3, 2015

The #TizenDevLab events have been taken place in Bangalore on the 9th May and also Mumbai on the 30th May, in India. Novice and experts Developers got their first official Introduction to the Linux based Tizen Operating System. They learnt about how create mobile applications for this new ecosystem and also how to port their exiting apps to Tizen. Developers generally loved the venue and its arrangement, as it was kitted out with all the facilities they needed. Devs got Introduced to the TIZEN SDK IDE. Below are some pictures of both events:

Bangalore Gallery


Mumbai Gallery



Here is the Schedule for the both events:

10:00 AM Opening, participants' check-in and breakfast
10:30 AM AM Introduction To Tizen, Architecture, App Development Life Cycle, IDE, Tools by Madhavi Akella
11:00 AM PM Building a Multimedia (Audio, Video, Image) App on Tizen - Code Walk through and Sample Execution by Suchin Chouta
12:00 PM Building a Location based application on Tizen - Code Walk Through and Sample Execution
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Building Moderate complex App based on above learnings
3:00 PM App Certification & Store Validation by Sangeeta Chowdhary
3:30 PM Networking & QA
4:00 PM Closing


Thanks to vivek gandhi for providing some feedback.

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