[Firmware] Samsung Z1 Software update for Sri Lanka, Z130HDDU0BOF5 SLK

The Samsung Z1 in Sri Lanka has got a firmware / software update to version Z130HDDU0BOF5 SLK. This is mainly a maintenance release bug fixes optimisations
Jun 28, 2015

Oh the benefits of having direct access to the source code of an Operating System hey! Samsung are wasting no time in pumping out the updates and now the Samsung Z1 has got an update Z130HDDU0BOF5 SLK, that's the one for Sri Lanka. This seems like a fair jump in version numbers from the previous Z130HDDU0BOE3, but there seems to be no obvious new features so this is mainly maintenance release for bug fixes and optimisations.


The updates for the Z1 in India and Bangladesh have not seen an update for a short while now, but hopefully they will resume soon. The Z1 is proving to be a popular handset and just the long battery life on its own is a clear winner.

You can download the firmware at our friends at Sammobile and here are the the flashing Instructions. Has anyone got this update Over the Air (OTA)?

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