[Infographic] The Stylish and Powerful Wireless Audio-360

The wireless audio-360 looks like an attractive decorative speaker that features an innovative 360 degree radiated sound design and can be used multi-room
Jun 4, 2015

Samsung’s innovative Wireless Audio-360 seems like a remarkable new speaker that has a 360-degree omnidirectional sound. Theoretically you can get some amazing sound from only one speaker!!! Unlike conventional speakers the sound is not directional, but instead flows in an omnidirectional pattern that is radiated out.

This infographic details the design and technological highlights of the R7 and R6 portable editions of the speaker, as well as its compatibility with the Multiroom App. It all adds up to a versatile, easy to use, stylish and powerful piece of audio equipment.

This speaker isn't too shabby in the looks department either as it has quite a sleek oval shape, making it look a bit decorative. To help us understand what its all about Samsung have created a nice little Infographic.


Hopefully if we get hands on with it we will bring you a review. Hint Hint Samsung.

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