Next Generation Samsung Smartwatch Gear O SM-R720 Shows off its User Interface

The upcoming Samsung Gear O smartwatch will have a new user interface to provide a new user experience with rich notifications and the use of a bezel.
Jun 2, 2015

The next generation Samsung Gear Smartwatch, the Gear O (some call it the Gear A), will be released soon, and will bring with it a new user interface for a new user experience. We have already had a glimpse of some of its details from the SDK release, but now we can seen what it's notifications will look like on apps like Groupon, TripeCase, Komoot, News Republic and Kimgisa. The apps themselves will take advantage of the rotating bezel for you to move between screens.

There is no news at the moment if this new design of notifications will be updated in the previous Samsung Gear watches that came before the Gear O, but it definitely seems like the right thing for customers to have, and for Samsung to do.



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