Samsung NX1 Smart Camera Software / Firmware Updated to version 1.31

Samsung NX1 Firmware / Software update 1.31 has many improvements to video shooting for the Tizen Smart Camera and also general bug fixes. Download now.
Jun 9, 2015

The Samsung NX1 Smart Camera has had a flurry of Software updates recently, with a major overall only 3 weeks ago with firmware 1.30. The compressed download is 307.6Mb this time and uncompressed it is 382Mb. We have movies recording bug fixes and other minor bugs.

Well done to Samsung for the continued fast software updates for this product, which is easy to do when its Tizen based and you have full access to the source code, which you don't have with Android, iOS and others. Below is the Change log.

NX1 Firmware 1.31 Change Log

1. Improved "Color Temperature" of White Balance.
2. Fixed UHD Movie recording bugs
- Zoom lens + Tele condition > broken right side
- Zoom lens + Tele + EVF condition > Image broken when you enable MF Focus Peaking
3. Fixed FHD 120p Movie recording bug
- Intermittently broken of some part of movie
4. Keep the Focus mode under below condition
- Movie Standby mode > Start recording > change the Focus Mode > Stop recording
5. Overall fixed minor bugs


Get ready to Download now from the Samsung NX1 Support Page.

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