Samsung Tizen Smart TVs now support PlayStation Now

Sony has confirmed that the Playstation Now game streaming service is now live and available for select Samsung Tizen Smart TV in the US and Canada.
Jun 11, 2015

Sony has now confirmed that their PlayStation Now game streaming service is now live and available on select Samsung Tizen Smart TVs in the United States and Canada. The Japanese company has been scaling up its PlayStation Now cloud-based game streaming service, which was previously only limited to the company’s own products such as the PlayStation consoles and Sony TVs.

The compatibility of the Streaming service was announced a couple of weeks before CES 2015. Samsung TVs are the first non-Sony devices to enjoy the ability to play PlayStation games without the need of purchasing a games console, but you will however need a DualShock 4 controller. The service currently has 100 PlayStation 3 games that can be rented individually, but next month Sony will launch a $19.99 monthly subscription that will provide unlimited game streaming.


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