Samsung Z1 Available in Sri Lanka for 10,990 LKR ($83 USD)

The Tizen based Samsung Z1 has now been released for sale in Sri Lanka for 10,990 Rs, which is about $83 USD and is available in White, Black and Wine Red.
Jun 24, 2015

Samsung Electronics have had some great results with regards to Samsung Z1 sales in the countries that it has been released in so far. In Bangladesh it has been the best selling smartphone of Q1 2015 and India has seen sales of over 500,000 devices. The Samsung Z1 has now been released in Sri Lanka for 10,990 LKR, which is about $83 USD and is available in White, Black and Wine Red.


It is hoped that success can repeat itself with the advantages of a light weight operating system, fast boot times, enhanced web performance and fast app load times. Samsung's ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ enables consumers to stay connected even at very low battery levels.

“The smartphone market in Sri Lanka is rapidly evolving, with many consumers are using their device as their screen of choice for content including videos, television programmes and video games, as well as a range of apps,” said Youngmin Shin, Managing Director of Samsung in Sri Lanka, “We have customized the Samsung Z1 to meet the unique needs of local consumers in order to provide them with a personal and reliable mobile experience."

The Z1 will feature popular local sites such as,,,, as pre-loaded apps with quick access icons. The phone will also have a variety of wallpapers that can been used to customize the home screen for different public holidays such as Vesak Poya, Poson Poya, Christmas and Independence Day.


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