Back in June 2015 we exclusively announced that the Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps for the Samsung Z1 were in final testing in the Tizen Store. Today we are excited to announce that they are now immediately available to download (we told you so).

The released version of Facebook messenger is 27.0.0 which is a 25.47Mb download, but for it to run you also need Facebook Services to run, which is an additional 29Mb download. Instagram is now version 7.0.0 (which is the latest even in the test lab) and weighs in at 9.39Mb.



It is great to have Facebook onside with Samsung and Tizen, and it shows you that Samsung is committed in progressing the Operating System and the app ecosystem. It would of been better if we had these apps at launch, but better late than never I say. We need to keep in mind that competing Operating systems like Windows Phone have only recently, after several years, got a native Instagram client.



Enough of me talking. Get downloading and please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.