[Application] Tizen Developer Summit 2015 App now available for Tizen Samsung Z1 and Android devices

Tizen Developer Summit 2015 App has been released for the Tizen Samsung Z1 and Android devices, available from the Tizen Store and Play Store respectively.
Jul 29, 2015

The Tizen Developer Summit is kicking off tomorrow and we are all excited about the first South Asian Conference of its kind, Ever! It's also great to see that a Tizen Developer Summit App has been released that will help you stay connected and get all the updates about the event at hand like venue details, agenda, speakers etc.

"This technical event is aimed at enthusiastic application and platform developers seeking to learn more about Tizen, an open platform that powers a wide range of smartphone devices. The free Tizen developer summit app helps you to stay connected and get updates on all the activities and events taking place at the summit"



  • Venue
  • Location Map
  • Route Map
  • Agenda
  • List of activities and events
  • Keynote speakers and their schedule
  • Detailed information about the speakers, their experience and qualification
  • Break hours
  • Registration Form
  • Feedback form
  • FAQs


The App is currently available from the Android Play Store and the Tizen Store. There is nothing available for iPhones iOS Operating System, but then who would want to be on such a closed restrictive platform in the first place 🙂

Application-Tizen-Developer-Summit-2015--India-Samsung-Z1-1 Application-Tizen-Developer-Summit-2015--India-Samsung-Z1-2
Application-Tizen-Developer-Summit-2015--India-Samsung-Z1-3 Application-Tizen-Developer-Summit-2015--India-Samsung-Z1-4


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