[Developer] Check out the Tizen Sessions at OSCON‬ 2015

Developers check out some Tizen Sessions at OSCON 2015. There is information on #Tizen, #IoTivity #GearVR. You can also meet the Samsung team at their booth
Jul 19, 2015

OSCON 2015 is here with some Tizen Sessions that have been listed by the Samsung Developers Facebook account. We have sessions covering ‪#‎IoTivity‬, ‪#‎Tizen‬, and ‪#‎GearVR‬ for you guys to check out. You can meet the Samsung team at the Expo July 21 - 23 at Booth #117.


1. "Unique but fast!" - Make your Tizen GUI application brilliant.

2. IoTivity and the Internet of Open Source Things.

3. Introduction to IoT.JS.

Let us know in the comments in you are attending.

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