[Developer] Tizen on Raspberry PI 2 now with 3D acceleration

Good News. The Samsung Open Source Group have managed to get 3D Acceleration working on the Raspberry Pi 2 Development Board. Thanks Mauro. #Linux #Tizen
Jul 14, 2015

Tizen has previously made its way onto the Raspberry PI 2 Development Board, but 3D acceleration was not working at that point. Well, the good news is that the Team over at the Samsung Open Source Group have got the 3D Acceleration working now.


There is a new procedure and it is now possible to build the standard Tizen images, including tizen-common-core-image-crosswalk. The article describing the procedures can be found at:


  1. Crosswalk support is WIP: it was not tested yet
  2. The 3D driver for RPI2 (vc4) is a Work In Progress which is not ready yet for production

Thanks to Mauro and the Team for their efforts.

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