The Samsung Z3 SM-Z300H is going to be the second Tizen based Smartphone to begin testing in India and hopefully final release. We Initially reported on the existence of the Z3 with Sammobile confirming it will be the next Tizen mobile phone to be released. Now our friends at Best Tizen Apps have noticed a shipment of a few “SM-Z300H” Smartphones making the journey from Korea to Bangalore India, reported for testing purposes. The phone is shipped as costing $205 USD per unit around 13,039 INR, but this is more of a speculated price and does not reflect final retail pricing.


Samsung is expected to begin manufacturing the Z3 at their Noida mobile phone plant in India, but we haven’t seen the import of Z3 phone parts to begin assemby yet, like we have previously seen with the Samsung Z1. We might see some more details of the Z3 at the upcoming Tizen Developer Summit later this month. We live in hope 🙂