Samsung Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.15070942, Does it fix your Problem?

The Samsung Gear Manager app has today been updated to version 2.2.15070942. As usual there is no changelog, no new obviously features, at least what I can see, so we can presume this is a general bug fix release.
Jul 23, 2015


Gear Manager update

The Samsung Gear Manager app has today been updated to version 2.2.15070942. As usual there is no changelog, no new obvious features, at least what I can see, so we can presume this is a general bug fix release.

There are users that have had issues with previous versions of Gear Manager, so this begs the question, does it fix your problem?


Samsung-Gear-Manager-updated-Tizen-1 Samsung-Gear-Manager-updated-Tizen-2
Samsung-Gear-Manager-updated-Tizen-3 Samsung-Gear-Manager-updated-Tizen-4


Manual Update

If you have not got a notification to update your Gear Manager App then you can manually update it via Samsung Galaxy Apps.

  • Launch Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select top left hand side menu button
  • Select purchased
  • Select the Gear Manager application to update
  • Press Update


If you have updated to this version and are still having issues, you can install an old gear manager version manually until the next Gear Manager update.


Manual Gear Manager Fix

Have you still got problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 comments on “Samsung Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.15070942, Does it fix your Problem?”

  1. Didn't have any problems with the last update (as far as I knew as I only got my gear s a couple of days ago). Had to download the new update this morning and now I can't connect my S4 to the gear S. Worst part is that there is no knowing when Samsung will release a new update and I will have a fully functioning gear S again.

  2. Il faut mettre à jour la gear 2 neo la montre ne suis pas c'est comme si elle été pas connecter au téléphone

  3. Does not sync with Shealth and Fitness with Gear since more than 1 year. (S4 mini GT-i9195). Unacceptable !!! --> back to version 2.0

  4. Latest update change how expanded notifications appear on my Gear 2. They are much more limited and don't show nearly as much information as before. Also broke a watch face I was currently using that showed watch battery percentage and phone battery percentage. Phone battery percentage no longer works. Come on Samsung. Leave well enough alone.

  5. Worst update can't connect gear 2 with note3 or note.
    Unfortunately host stop responding error.
    Please advise any fix.

  6. After this update my preview message is less helpful. Now to read what i've received i have to click on it, i can't just see the beginning of the message, this was how i used to use it and now it takes two hands to use, that's not beneficial for me... I'm going back to the old app. (this is for the gear 1 btw)

  7. Update is total garbage! Downloaded old version of gear manager, but it forces you to update to this useless version before you can even get to the sync screen. Da hell guys? Wtf are you guys doing to fix this connection issue? Seems like a lot of ppl are screwed because of this update. Oh and BTW I'm stuck on the pairing screen before you even get to the main user menus, so the fix they have posted on ppls comments on the Samsung marketplace doesn't apply to me. Guess I have a $300 wristband till you guys fix this.

    1. I'm been having the same issues for months and it's God damn annoying. I install the old version but it auto updates to the new software. I can't find a way to stop it and I'm having to reset every 2 days or so. Why should I buy new 'gear' products if they're going to stop working eventually because of Samsungs inability to cater for all their customers.

  8. I'm not sure about this update, but the update I got yesterday took away the Auto-Lock function in the Gear settings. This was one of the best features of my Gear 2! My watch has also been wonky ever since the update, missing notifications and refusing to connect to S Voice every other time. I know Samsung is probably concetrating on their new upcoming watches and brand new Note 5 and S6, but if they continue to show a lack of support for their older product they are going to lose loyal customers.

    They've already started to in my opinion with the removal of expandable storage and open battery of their Galaxy line, you'd think they'd be more supportive of those who bought into their Tizen OS in good faith. In fact, keeping the older products like their wearables supported is only in their best interest - I would've had to buy another Samsung phone if I wanted to keep my Gear 2. Now with the way they've been messing up their updates and lack of app support for Tizen my next phone will likely not be a Samsung one.

    I'm tired of companies forcing updates on people (my PC just force-updated itself to Windows 10 without my consent.) I don't think I've ever been this upset about an update before.

    1. I completely agree. Not taking care of customers will hit Samsung. They could realize that customers build a relationship with their devices, specially something like a wrist watch. I was considering the Gear S2, but reading what people have written here, well, I'll probably pass.

  9. I have a HTC One M8 paired with a Gear S2. It's a great smartwatch and does what I want it to do and then some, however, lately I have noticed that the Gear S2 will miss notifications. Text messages especially, but then somehow it comes back. I've done a light and hard reset and again, it comes and goes. Does anyone know what the deal is?


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