Samsung NX1 Smart Camera Software / Firmware Updated to version 1.32

The Samsung NX1 Tizen based Smart Camera has received another firmware / software update to take it to version 1.32. Great to see the rapid development.
Jul 7, 2015

After the previous massive firmware update for the Samsung NX1 you would think we wouldn't get a update that quick again? You would be wrong as Samsung have released version 1.32 software update today. The compressed download is 306.3Mb this time and uncompressed it is 372.2Mb. We have fixes for the movie standby bug and other minor bugs.

Well done to Samsung for the continued fast software updates for this product, which is easy to do when its Tizen based and you have full access to the source code, which you don’t have with Android, iOS and others.

Change Log version 1.32

  1. Fixed the problem that is Movie STBY mode turning off automatically, after 1080 60p/30p
    and Slow Movie(x0.5, x0.25) setting
  2. Fixed Left, Right images are recording on each other's side in 3D video recording with 3D Lens
  3. Overall fixed minor bugs


Get ready to Download now from the Samsung NX1 Support Page.

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