Tizen 2.3.1 and Tizen 2.4 Beta SDK Mobile Preview announced at Tizen Developer Summit 2015 Bengaluru India

Tizen 2.3.1 and Tizen 2.4 Software Development (SDK) were announced at the Tizen Developer Summit event in Bengaluru, India July 30-31.
Jul 30, 2015

At the Tizen Developer Summit 2015 (TDS) event in Bengaluru, India July 30-31, Samsung has announced new Tizen SDKs for their Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Smart TVs. The Summit is focused in helping to grow the Tizen ecosystem by educating developers to the Tizen Operating System. Samsung are still offering developers 100% revenue for their apps until January 2016, making it an attractive proposition.


“TDS 2015 Bengaluru is significant as nearly half of the apps in the Tizen Store are created by developers from India. This reflects the enormous opportunity in India where a large base of platform and app developers continues to show significant interest to develop Tizen OS and high-quality apps,” said Dr. Aloknath De, Chief Technology Officer and VP-Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore.



At the event new Software Development Kits (SDK), Tizen 2.3.1 and Tizen 2.4 beta were announced. Tizen 2.3.1 has APIs that can be used to create Wearable apps, and includes support for a rotating bezel for the round watch face of the Next Gear Smartwatch. Native App support is also coming to Tizen TV in the form of EFL / EVAS GL (3D), as well as HTML5 Canvas.

“This is also the first Summit which is being organized in the backdrop of commercially available products, for example, the Samsung Z1 smartphone, which sold over one million units since its launch and Tizen Operating System powered SUHD TV which was recently launched in India.” Dr. Aloknath De added.

Tizen 2.4 SDK Beta will include Dynamic Animation Library (DALi) that promises full 3D app rendering capability, with exciting looking user Interfaces with high performance, low power, and low memory consumption.


Tizen 2.4 Beta Highlights

  • Tizen 2015 UX
    • Rich winsets and styles
    • New Tizen Reference Apps (e.g. Browser, Music Player, Calendar)
  • New Features

    • Application Background Policy to restrict CPU resources for background application processes
    • Tizen Expansion Package (TEP) support for effective installation of applications
    • Maps Service to supports Geocode, Place Discovery and Route Calculation
    • Sync Manager to schedule server access time for applications to synchronize data between server and device
    • Service Adaptor (for Cloud Storage) to access remote storage as a local device
    • DALi for light weight rendering based on OpenGL ES
    • Smartcard and NFC HCE(Host Card Emulation) support to facilitates Mobile Payment Service
    • Enforce Security
    • And more …
  • Over 3,000 New APIs are added e.g. IME (Input method), Media vision, Event system, Voice Control.

You can find more Information about the Tizen 2.4 beta preview SDK at the Tizen Developers site.


Pictures courtesy of Sammobile and Abraham Varricatt Twitter accounts

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