Tizen Store Opens for Paid Apps in Nepal, Samsung Z1 Launch Inches Closer

Today the Tizen Store has launched its paid service in Nepal, meaning that Developers can sell their apps there and the launch is a matter of weeks away.
Jul 22, 2015

Today, the Tizen Store has launched its paid service in Nepal, meaning developers can now sell paid applications to 4 countries - India , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and now Nepal. Last week we spotted the firmware file for the Samsung Z1 Nepal  and now with todays announcement the launch should be within a matter of weeks.


Back in February 2015 we reported that the Samsung Z1 was heading to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, so now we wait for Indonesia and possibly Malaysia to join. The 100% revenue share is still in effect for developers, where they get ALL of the revenue from their app sales until January 31 2016, which is great news as over 1 Million Z1 Smartphones have been sold to date.

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