AirWatch expands OS support for Tizen and Samsung KNOX in AirWatch 8.1 release

AirWatch version 8.1 bring with it support for the Tizen Operating System and Tizen devices, allowing administrators to enroll devices & perform commands
Aug 6, 2015

AirWatch has released the latest edition of their enterprise mobility management platform, AirWatch 8.1. The main areas of Improvements are expanded OS support, administrative and serviceability upgrades, and enterprise readiness features. The new release also encompasses support for the Tizen Operating System and devices.

"AirWatch 8.1 debuts support for the Tizen operating system, an open source standards-based OS built in some of the latest Samsung devices"

AirWatch administrators can now enroll Tizen devices, perform commands, push notifications, enable Wi-Fi profiles and detect necessary device information. For Samsung KNOX devices, AirWatch 8.1 can support full device containerization and biometric authentication. The latest update promises a more fluid and intuitive user experience. It will be easier for Administrators to see compliance violations, system processes, profiles installation errors and Smart Group assignment changes.

For more information on the update, read the release notes on myAirWatch and register for the AirWatch 8.1 webinar.

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