Samsung NX1 Smart Camera Software / Firmware Updated to version V.1.40

The previous firmware update for the Samsung NX1 was quite significant, but Samsung is far from done with the Tizen based NX1 Smart Camera. This morning version 1.40 has been released and is a 308Mb zipped download. We have improvements in continuous shooting, Improved Zoom AF and other enhancements and bug-fixes.
Aug 21, 2015

The previous firmware update for the Samsung NX1 was quite significant, but Samsung is far from done with the Tizen based NX1 Smart Camera. This morning version 1.40 has been released and is a 308Mb zipped download. We have improvements in continuous shooting, Improved Zoom AF and other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Many professional photographers have commented on the blazing speed of development and the rapid releases of firmwares for the NX1. Samsung has full access to the Tizen source code and as such are not hindered by companies limiting access, like is the case with Android.

Change Log version v.1.40

  1. Increased continous maximum shot counts
    • 15fps JPEG : 70ea → 90ea
    • 15fps RAW : 20ea → 25ea
  2. Added Video DIS (except 120p, VGA size video)
  3. Added AEL at M mode, ISO Auto setting
  4. Added Focus Peaking menu in button setting menu
  5. Improved AF to work during zooming
    • (6 Supporting Lens : 16-50mm S, 50-150mm S, 16-50mm PZ, 18-55mm Ⅲ, 12-24mm, 50-200mm Ⅲ)
    • ※ Please updated Lens together with Latest version
      Lens Firmware can be updated by iLauncher
  6. Add Flash Exposure info. display on Live view Live view (when Flash is ON)
  7. Improved battery display to show both internal & external remains together when vertical grip is mounted
  8. Improved Playback speed of photo
  9. Improved sound quality of external Mic. (only for Auto MIC Control OFF)
  10. Overall fixed minor bugs



You can use iLauncher to update your Smart Camera or download the firmware file to your SC Card and update. All download files can be found here. Note: Please make sure that all files are suitable for your Operating System and location.

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4 comments on “Samsung NX1 Smart Camera Software / Firmware Updated to version V.1.40”

  1. Unfortunately poor firmware again and again.
    This closed mind will kill each products on the market, not matter which OS they use no matter how much features they would add, they don't listen us, we are pro users or public users, they always stay in their position, you wonder why the pro consumer or consumer in general start to be tired to follow each product with no support.

    The main problem of the NX1
    Samsung doesn't understand that using HEVC is good but using it the wrong way make their camera the worst camera in terms of videography.

    You don't use an advanced codec with poor set process ! I mean come on the NX1 support Level Profile 6.2 of the HEVC that could offer us the possibility to have decent performance in video and better chrome subsampling (444 Intra 16 or 422 10bit for example) you don't use 8Bit 420 on HEVC this is completely stupid, HEVC need better chroma subsampling even more in 4K ! at the moment all the video made with the NX1 come with poor colors reproduction and mostly washed.

    This is a waste of NX1 capability, lock functions in purpose.
    Who they are to decide which functions need to be lock and the one that need to be open
    Who are their customers, users etc... ?
    People should stop supporting products, product need to be adapt to the users use not the users that need to adapt to the product.

    Samsung HQ always told me that they listen pro users or users feedbacks
    At the moment still nothing, the firmware is still not mature and the camera was release year ago.

    I want to use this camera for pro work but unfortunately I can't at the moment.
    Lost too much information trying to grading the HEVC files due to the 8bit 420.

    Think is that, Samsung clearly said that the NX1 is capable of a lot of stuff, even 7K 240fps, I try myself using the debugger 6K 240fps did work without any problem.

    I still don't understand why they don't offer for example 4K 120fps and 240fps, because anyway the HEVC and the camera itself can support this easily, same goes for the chroma subsampling etc... also the AEL lock (Auto Exposure Lock) button don't even work, they still didn't fix this on the last firmware.

    They could offer Gamma DR but not A samsung log like the Slog2 on Sony A7S for example, they could also improve the ISO performance, also better better bitrate, they need to know that 60 to 80mb is still not enough for HEVC, even more when Samsung include strong hardware support HEVC (no one support at the moment) and even USB 3.0

    Come one, don't waste your time releasing function like DIS that are completely useless, this digital stabilization is pretty bad actually.

    Just keep focusing on important issues and features... this camera could be use by a lot of pro users and users, they are just waiting you to provide a real support.

    Don't release gimmick, people are tired of this... gimmick is a waste of time...

    You use Tizen Open Source OS and not even listen amateur developers or pro users.
    So why are you using it ?

    Look the iphone 6 with IOS, amateur dev providing tools that let your iPhone 6 record in 4K, have better bitrate, 422 10bit etc... this wasn't possible if Apple will have the same way to take care of their users like you.

    Stop wasting our times.

    Thank you TizenExperts for sharing information, I usually don't comment but since the first day (announcement) of the NX1, I'm only waiting a strong firmware and finally use this camera.

    1. I hate to tell you this..... but dude, you have a severe case of Diarrhea of the Rotting Mouth Disease. You likely don't even own one the Best Rated Cameras out to date. Most likely you have no idea what you're even talking about. Pure FUD and Misinformation or in plain Unadulterated English........ HOGWASH!!!

      I have absolutely no problems operating my new Samsung Tizen SmartTV (with revolutionary interface) or my NX1 state of the ART..... Camera either!

      Get freaking REAL.... already! Because Samsung does not OWN Tizen..... We Do!!!

      Because it's a completely Open Standards Open Source OS of EVERYTHING that even runs on cars, ships, aircraft, wearables and smartphones far faster and more energy efficiently than any other OS to date. Tizen is a Linux Foundation sponsored OS and one that your precious CrApple stole their Round Iconography from, along with being powered by Samsung made hardware!!!

      If CrApple is so great, why can't they at least come out with decent iMaps, YouTube replacement, Gmail replacement, Play Music and Spotify replacements??? Why did they just blow BILLIONS on Beats Audio? Which is now bound to FAIL.

      Just like iTunes Radio and iCloud have already. Where is anything they have ever developed from scratch or at least contributed back into as an Open Source Project??? And most of all where's their camera competitor to NX1 or REAL DEAL competitor to Gear S2??? All a bunch of iFantasies promoted by Tim Crook and Apple, picking iDiot's like YOURS Pockets!!!

    2. "worst camera in terms of videography", nuff said, after that I know that you know nothing at all.
      I don't need to read any more of this drivel and wish you were banned from the Internet.

    3. Nabil, can you share some info on how you managed 6K @ 240 fps in debug mode? There's a large community of NX1 users that want to unlock the full capability of the camera. Any pointers will be helpful.



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