[Video] Amazon Echo with official SmartThings and unofficial Nest Stat Integration

Amazon echo is officially compatible with SmartThings and also unofficially compatible with Nest Stat thanks to a code workaround by Zpriddy.
Aug 26, 2015

Yesterday we reported on the official news that Amazon Echo was now compatible with SmartThings. Amazon Echo is an Internet-connected speaker that responds to commands and questions that you ask it. As long as you start your sentences with “Alexa,” you can play music, hear the news, get the forecast, and now… control your SmartThings-compatible lights, switches, and anything plugged in to the SmartThings Power Outlet.

Here is another video showing you official Smartthings integration, Sonos integration and also unofficial hacked Nest thermostat integration. The Nest work around was coded by Zpriddy.





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