HERE Maps has been a long-time partner of Tizen and has already shipped on some of its products, the Samsung Z1 Smartphone and also the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Now HERE has made an announcement that HERE Maps will also support the upcoming successor to the Gear S, the Gear S2. The mapping solution will be Installed and supported Out-of-the-box as the default navigation app, shown as Navigator’.

HERE Maps is able to show you your current location and also to navigate to your desired destination. For Navigation you can use your Android Smartphone to plot out your route and then your Smartwatch can take over and navigate you accordingly. HERE have also developed a Tizen Smartphone app, that currently ships on the Samsung Z1. Once the Tizen based Samsung Gear Manager is released, which Samsung are currently working on, we would hope that HERE maps would update the Smartphone and Smartwatch apps in order for them to communicate with each other.