[Application] Line Messenger and WeChat coming soon to Tizen Smartphones

The Line messenger and WeChat app should both release for Tizen Smartphones soon, Samsung Z1 & Z3 but there are no firm confirmed launch dates at the moment
Sep 25, 2015


LINE Messenger App

The Line messaging app is a free application that lets you message as well as Free voice and video calls. This type of app is something the Samsung Z1 community has been screaming out for, as sadly there haven't been any apps available to do that. Well, the good news is that LINE had a stand at the Tizen Developer Conference 2015 Shenzhen, China.


The bad news is that no one from the company actually turned up, so we can tell you we will get the LINE messaging app, we just haven't got any further details at the moment. The stand had Gear S2 devices on display as well, presumably ready to have the LINE Smartwatch companion app Installed, but the Gear S2 only had the standard shipping apps.



WeChat was another app that we were hoping to actually release at TDC2015, but that didn't happen. We did however see it displayed on the big screen as part of Bo Wang, Vice President of Tencent Mobile Internet Group, presentation as part of the keynote speeches (it's on the far left hand side). Again no release dates, but it is happening as previously reported by Tizen Experts


Line Messaging App


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