Samsung Gear S2, S2 Classic and Gear S2 3G price and release date

The release date and price details for the Samsung Gear S2, S2 Classic and Gear S2 3G have become known for germany, US and other European markets.
Sep 8, 2015

The Samsung Gear S2 was launched at IFA 2015 and became an Instant hit for many. It's easy to use user interface and rotating bezel navigation system was unique and attractive in use. There are a couple of versions of the Smartwatch, the Gear S2 which is a sporty version, and the Gear S2 Classic which has a more elegant look to it. There is also a Gear S2 3G version that can be used independently of a Smartphone.


Now some details have emerged, thanks to a german online retailer, abouts its price and release dates. The Gear S2 is expected to be available for sale in October and In Germany will cost 379 euros ($425) and 349 euros ($391) in other European markets. For US Consumers the device will be $349. The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is reported to cost 449 euros in Germany ($503) and will also be available in October.


There is however no news on release / pricing or carrier availability for the Gear S2 3G, but we are hoping to have news about that soon (follow Tizen Experts) 😉 but it would not be unreasonable to think of a November pre-christmas release.


You can find the specifications here.

Do you like the Gear S2? Which version?

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