Samsung SmartThings Now Available to Buy in the UK ! #IoT

The SmartThings range of products are now available to purchase in the UK, either online at or at Curry’s PC World. Make your home a Smart Home
Sep 10, 2015

Samsung Electronics has just announced that it's SmartThings range of products are available to purchase in the UK! You can purchase the items online at or at Curry’s PC World. SmartThings is an important part of Samsung's Smart Home Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, that will work with Tizen and the ARTIK hardware platform.


For those wanting to delve into the world of home automation there is a Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit which contains the following:

The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit contains

  • SmartThings Hub to connect with smart sensors, lights, locks, cameras and more
  • SmartThings Multi Sensor to monitor whether doors, windows, drawers or your garage are open or closed
  • SmartThings Motion Sensor to monitor movement in your home
  • SmartThings Presence Sensor to know when people, pets and cars arrive or leave home
  • a SmartThings Power Outlet to control lights, electronics and small appliances


You can now start to to monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere. There are also hundreds of compatible smart devices to help you make your home into a Smart home. The new hub features a more powerful processor than its predecessor and also has video monitoring, a battery backup that lasts up to 10 hours in case of a power outage, and a local app engine for optimised performance and the ability to operate without an Internet connection.


Pricing for the Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit, as well as individual elements of the Starter Kit which can be bought separately, is as follows:

  • Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit: £199
  • SmartThings Multi Sensor: £30
  • SmartThings Motion Sensor: £30
  • SmartThings Presence Sensor: £30
  • SmartThings Power Outlet: £45
  • SmartThings Moisture Sensor (not sold as part of Starter Kit): £30


You can purchase SmartThings from Samsung Online right now. Keep following Tizen Experts, we've got a lot more to come !!!

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