The Samsung Z3, model number SM-Z300H, will hopefully be with us soon following Information spotted at the FCC and its Bluetooth certification. But there is another model number that we can’t shake, the SM-Z300F that Samsung has been testing for a while now.

The device is listed as SM-Z300F_CIS_SER, which could indicate it as being part of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which is also known as the Russian common wealth. The Russians, with Samsung’s collaboration, are looking at adopting Tizen as a secure operating system for the Government. Tizen is seen as a better OS for this purpose as Samsung has already provided the Russians with the full source code and target devices that they will be using. This is one way to know if your software has any back-doors for third-parties to Intercept your secret communications.


The other Z3, model number SM-Z300H, looks like it will be initially launched soon in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and possibly Egypt, and we are hoping it launches REAL SOON!