I have a dream people, the dream of a tizen Smartphone working with a Tizen Smartwatch, and you know, it’s possibly coming true, as soon as next month. In order for these two devices to work with each other you need the Tizen based Gear Manager that we first saw at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 in San Francisco and then later that year at the Tizen Developer Summit 2014 Moscow.


Now, according to sources close to the matter, Samsung are still working on the Gear Manager and it is “functioning quite well and stable”. There is no release date scheduled for the Gear Manager at the moment, but with the anticipated launch of the Samsung Z3 and the Gear S2 next month it could even be bundled as part of the Z3’s operating system, depending on final testing.

The Z3 will be released in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, with rumours that it will have Russian and European launches as well, making the inclusion of the Gear Manager an even more important strategic move.

Not long to go now, toes are tingling.


Check out the video of the Samsung Z with the Tizen Gear Manager Installed.