[Video] Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit Lands at Tizen Experts - Unboxing Video

SmartThings line of Smart Home devices was launched in the UK yesterday, so here is the Tizen Experts unboxing video of the Starter Kit for home automation.
Sep 11, 2015

We have been waiting for the launch of Samsung SmartThings devices for a while now, and were delighted to see its UK Launch yesterday, which means the Unboxing video of the SmartThings Starter Kit TODAY !!!!


With the Starter kit you are able to connect to multi sensors, motion sensor, presence sensor, power outlet, moisture sensor, car, door locks, lighting, alarms and much much more.

TheĀ Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit contains

  • SmartThings Hub to connect with smart sensors, lights, locks, cameras and more
  • SmartThings Multi Sensor to monitor whether doors, windows, drawers or your garage are open or closed
  • SmartThings Motion Sensor to monitor movement in your home
  • SmartThings Presence Sensor to know when people, pets and cars arrive or leave home
  • a SmartThings Power Outlet to control lights, electronics and small appliances


Here is the unboxing video with lots more to come:



[AFG_gallery id='129']

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