[Video Tutorial] Developers, Learn more about the Localisation API in Tizen 2.4

Hey Devs, Learn more about the localisation API with this video from Samsung developers. Get personal by speaking natively to your users in Tizen 2.4
Sep 27, 2015

We have apps and app stores that cover the globe. This is how we get our essential apps after all 🙂 . But sometimes what can differentiate your app is that it has local content with global reach, and language is a fantastic way to speak natively to your users, in a personal way.

In Tizen 2.4 you get access to the Localisation API which lets you add additional languages that your app can support. The following video will tell you about everything you need to know, with regards to language localisation, including best practices in Tizen 2.4.



The Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) is available to download now.

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