Introducing Zapya WebShare for Tizen, an easy way to access the media / files on your Samsung Z1 Tizen device without any wires and without any hassle. I haven’t been able to Test the Samsung Z3, so I don’t know if it is supported yet.

Zapya, the world’s fastest file sharing tool, has been well received on multiple platforms since inception. Now Zapya is coming to Tizen platform in the form a simple and yet powerful tool WebShare.

To access the smartphone you have to be on the same WiFi network and once the app gets launched it gives you the URL with your phone’s IP address that you can use in a web browser to connect to it. After that you can view pictures, play audio and video files, as well as use a file explorer to browse your Internal and external stored. You can download or delete any file you want as well. This is a very handy utility indeed.


  • View Photos
  • Play Songs
  • Watch Videos
  • Access any folder from the phone on your computer
  • Download files from the phone on your computer
  • Upload files onto phone

Zapya WebShare – A New Way to Share