[Developer] 100% Revenue Share in the Tizen Store Extended to December 2016

Hey developers, the tizen store will now let you keep 100% of your revenue share and in app purchases until 31 December 2016. Great reason to port your app.
Oct 15, 2015

Hey developers, Initially when the Tizen Store was launched there was a great revenue share promotion in which you receive 100% of the sales revenue for applications and In App Purchase sold during the promotion period. Well, with the launch of the Samsung Z3 this deal has been extended to 31 December 2016.


You now you have the opportunity to join a vibrant new app ecosystem and keep 100 percent of your earning for a full year.Check below for additional information:

Tizen Store Promotion Policy

  • The Revenue Share(100% for Seller) will apply to your sales data up to closing day 11:59 p.m.(GMT)
  • Sales after closing day 11:59 p.m.(GMT) will be subject to the revised Revenue Share according to Tizen Store policy
  • The promotion duration(one year) & closing day is subject to change depending on Tizen Store policy
  • 3rd party In App purchase is not eligible for this promotion. We recommend to use official In App Purchase of Tizen Store
  • VAT or other taxes can be collected depending on the country or carrier, the taxes will be deducted from the Promotion Revenue Share(100%) by local laws
  • Some billing fee(i.e. Carrier Billing fee, Payment Gateway fee, etc) will be deducted from the Promotion Revenue Share(100%)
  • When new countries/devices/billing methods are launched at Tizen Store, the applications will automatically be applied to the promotion by policy
  • Details of Promotion Policy & Billing fee will be posted in Tizen Seller Office

Head on over to the Tizen Store, and get your account setup.

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